5 Things You’ll Receive at Wrestling Camp This Summer

Are you a wrestler that’s looking to hone your skills this summer at camp? Well, then look no further – everything you need is at Nutmeg Wrestling Camp.

Located at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, Nutmeg Wrestling Camp was specifically designed to provide a complete wrestling experience for everyone in attendance. The only way to do that is by offering individual development opportunities.

After all, the only way to actually get better in a short period of time is to get some one-on-one attention. Every wrestler is different and has various strengths and weaknesses on the mat. We want to make sure those needs are met.

So, there are tons of wrestling camps out there to choose from. What makes Nutmeg the best one? Check out these 5 benefits that make our program stand out from the competition.

Top-Notch Coaching

We don’t host a camp unless our Camp Directors are among the best in the country in their sport. We’re proud to work with the dynamite coaching staff from the Sacred Heart University wrestling team.

Head coach Andy Lausier and assistant coach Derek Moore both come from vast backgrounds in the sport of wrestling that are rooted in success – not only as coaches, but also as wrestlers.

They don’t want their campers to just get better on the mat. Sure, that’s part of it, but they also want to instill sportsmanship and further their passion for the sport before camp is over.

Low Camper-to-Coach Ratio

As mentioned earlier, every wrestler is different and we want to make sure each camper gets the individual attention they need to see improvement. This is not just a goal – it’s something that’s mandatory and we take very seriously with our 8-to-1 camper-to-coach ratio.

This will include 1-on-1 coaching, tips and analysis on technique that spans beyond what they’re used to – video analysis will also be used so they can break it down together afterward.

Safety, Supervision & Respect

We fully understand that allowing your child to attend a camp – whether it’s an extended day camp or overnight camp – can be a little unnerving. We want to assure you that they’re in terrific hands when they’re with us.

Staff will be in attendance at all times to supervise campers for the duration of the event. Everyone will be treated with respect, and that’s something we expect from every camper that joins us, as well.

Focus on the Mental Aspect

By it’s very nature, wrestling is a physical sport. While training and keeping your body in peak physical condition is important, it’s vital to also make sure the mind is strong and able to withstand the grind of being on the mat.

One of our focuses at camp includes mental toughness development and sports psychology.

The Motivation to Take Your Game to the Next Level

As head coach Andy Lausier says to his wrestlers at SHU, toughness defines a wrestler, and it’s important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Need a little motivation? Hear from coach yourself:

We want all our wrestlers to walk away with the confidence necessary to be successful, both on and off the mat.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and join us for the best week of your summer!

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